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Posted by jk: Sat Jun 1st, 2013 17:00 1st Post
This is about the newer lens types and their use on the latest DSLR.

The older lenses will work in manual focus mode but if they are non Ai they will not meter correctly and even if Ai then they may not work with some of the newer consumer DSLRs.

This Nikon reference article is very helpful identifying the different Ai type lenses.,-ai-s-etc%29

This is info about the older legacy Nikkors.
These lenses are termed F mount non-Ai lenses and date from the early Nikon range of lenses introduced in 1959.

Non-AI, Pre-AI (also called NAI) refers to the original Nikon F bayonet lens mount and lenses introduced in 1959 for the Nikon F camera.

These lenses have an aperture coupling prong just below f/5.6. When used on cameras made before 1977, you had to "index" the lens to the camera's meter by mounting the lens and then remembering to rotate the lens to its largest aperture and back so that the meter was properly calibrated.

You can recognize these first lenses from:
1.) Solid coupling prong.
2.) No coupling ridge on the bottom of the aperture ring.
3.) No second set of tiny aperture numbers on the aperture ring.

Note..... Non-AI lenses should not be mounted on the newer DSLRs.

Still learning after all these years!

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