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Posted by jk: Mon Apr 2nd, 2012 16:44 1st Post
Nikon DSLR Forum Rules:

To keep the discussion at Nikon DSLR forum to a friendly, courteous and professional level, please follow these rules.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in deletion of post, temporary or permanent ban from website.

1. Posts that are deliberately misleading, contain expletives, or are abusive, racial, bigoted, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, threatening, rude, or an invasive of a person's privacy are not permitted. Revealing any personal details of other members, for example email addresses, or posts which violate of any law are not permitted.

Attempts to slip around this rule by using @, £, $, * or other characters in a word to mask its profanity are not acceptable and will trigger the profanity filter that is present on the forum.

Posts containing product advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, SPAM, virus warnings and solicitations are not permitted, without prior permission from the Administrators.

2. Please do not post questions or comments relating to the appropriateness of another member's post. Nikon DSLR Moderators will deal with any misconduct in this forum and it is up to Nikon DSLR Moderators to judge this, not members, Moderators will handle misconduct, not users.

Please remember that this forum is worldwide, with widely differing cultures and languages, English may not be the first language of the people which whom you are communicating, so sometimes misunderstandings or offence can happen without intent.

Use the 'Report' button if you are concerned about any forum content or conduct of members.

3. The Nikon DSLR forum only provides a Forum for discussion relating to software and hardware or equipment used with camera software or hardware.

4. Do not use the forum to promote other web sites, mailing list, News server, usernet etc. You are may to refer to other websites as long as you do not have personal stake in them.

There is one exception: Nikon DSLR users are allowed to refer to their own personal website.

5. Posting of material to which you do not have the copyright to not permitted. This includes the posting of articles, images or video. Please post URL links s where you want to use this type of information.

When posting links to other external URL's please use the URL link tool instead of simply entering the raw URL in the post. Especially when posting long URL's because it can make the page width too wide to be viewed on smaller screens.

Any images posted in the main forum (not the Gallery) must be limited to 800 Pixels wide, unless it is essential to post larger in order to demonstrate an issue. This is to preserve server bandwidth and to speed page downloads for members with slow internet connections.

Please only post images in the main forum in order to demonstrate a problem or for specific discussion, posting computer screenshots to demonstrate techniques or to give assistance to members with their photography.

Images for show should be uploaded to the forum thread or Personal Gallery.

Regarding nudity and decency, in order to ensure this site is not blocked by commercial net censors, no nude, obscene, indecent or sexually explicit images to be posted to the forum or personal Gallery.
Tasteful artistic nude images may be uploaded to locked (password protected) albums in the members personal gallery.

6. Please try to make sure that your post fits the original topic. Some of us do wander off topic but a quick post reminding of the topic can be used where appropriate by the original poster.

7. Please dont participate or directly criticise a member's choice of equipment. You may disagree or discuss the choice but where comment is hostile it will be moderated.

8. Post complaints to blow off steam or otherwise get something off your chest in the Everything Else section. Rants are not acceptable but a clear factual description of the issue may help others avoid the same situation.

9. Do not use all CAPS for the whole of a posting.   This is considered to be shouting within the Internet community, everyone listens to someone who speaks, no one listens to someone who shouts.  Use of capitals for the occasional word in a posting is permissible.
Use paragraph breaks, punctuation to express yourself clearly. This makes you post easier to read and helps readers to understand your point.

10. Please enter your regional location in the personal details section. These are often helpful when answering posts. The locale can often influence replies to posts.

Please keep signatures in the body of your posting to no more than three short lines, to ensure that the thread's content remains eminently readable. Do not include signatures that serve primarily to promote a product or service, do not include photos and do not include extended lists of the contents of your camera bag.

Still learning after all these years!

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