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Posted by jk: Fri Oct 30th, 2020 18:17 1st Post
I realise that this is a very exotic lens for most people but I thought I would post a link to it anyway.
Tilt Shift Lenses are called in Nikon world PCE lenses or Canon TSE lenses.

Venus Optics - Laowa 15mm f4.5 Tilt Shift lens
It comes in Nikon (both Z and F), Canon (EF, RF) and Sony (E) fittings.
This lens is significantly wider than the Canon 17mm TSE or Nikon 19mm PCE lenses.

I use my 24mm f2.8 Tilt Shift very occasionally as the 24-70mm f2.8 is more useable for general purpose shooting but I am always amazed by how sharp the images from this 24mm f2.8 lens is.

Still learning after all these years!

Posted by jk: Fri Oct 30th, 2020 20:03 2nd Post
Hmm.  This is really only a shift lens.  Cant see any mention of the Tilt feature in the text.

Still learning after all these years!

Posted by Robert: Fri Oct 30th, 2020 21:57 3rd Post
I would have thought tilt would be the main requirement, I thought shift was to adjust the tilted image???  Lot of money just for a shift lens.  I could see the benefits of a tilt 15mm to correct converging (or diverging) lines but shift only...



Posted by jk: Fri Oct 30th, 2020 22:36 4th Post
Yes but you can turn camera through 90 degrees to get tilt but then you dont have shift.  
Seems like not a great purchase.

Still learning after all these years!

Posted by chrishamer: Mon Nov 2nd, 2020 08:57 5th Post
Interesting, I feel like their lenses are becoming more and more interesting.

I've always been fascinated by the tilt shift lenses, but they are exotic in design and exotic in cost, and given it's not something I've ever 'needed' it's not something I've considered buying.

Might have to rent one to give it a go at some point.


Posted by jk: Mon Nov 2nd, 2020 10:57 6th Post
I agree that the lenses are becoming increasingly interesting but unfortunately I have so much legacy glass that I dont really need additional lenses except for the occasional use.

Still learning after all these years!

Posted by novicius: Mon Feb 15th, 2021 03:58 7th Post
Actually,....for several decades have I used my PC 28 f3.5 and PC 35 f2.8 ,....all those yrs. had I longed for the Tilt/Swing ability,which the PC-E lenses have , then about 5-6 yrs.ago did I aquire my PC-E 24 f3.5 and PC-E 85 f2.8 .. and about a yr. or so ago did I aquire my PC-E 19 f4.0...,..Yet, I have Rarely used the TILT / SWING capabilities ..?!..

A little  \" perspective  language \" .... RISE = Shift Up....FALL = Shift Down ...SHIFT Left / Right ....TILT Up / Down...SWING Left / Right..
My usage of movements , put in percentage, I would say :..RISE 70 %...FALL 25 %....SWING / TILT 5 %....

Not that it should be used as a guide,...just a little perspective.

Prior to having those FANTASTIC PC Nikkors I was using a HORSEMAN Fieldcamera ( which I Still have ) , which is comparable to a LINHOF Technika ,if you know that one, however, using \" movements \" on those camera`s require a Tripod, whereas with the Nikon`s , I work Mostly HandHeld,...I remember when Nikon came out with their first PC Nikkor which was the PC 35 f3.5 in 1962-63 , it was the \" talk of the town \" ,..What, Perspective Control on a 35 mm camera..??..surely that small bit of film could not possibly be used for that High Quality such lenses are capable of..Well, I have the 2nd. Gen. the PC 35 f2.8 ,.. and those who claim that Nikon can n`t make a decent 35mm lens have not tried these 35mm lenses...

Nothing is Sharper / Better than a PC Nikkor.

That Bulbous front Lens of the PC-E 19 does make me a tad Nervous 

I have considered that LAOWA 15 with its capability of mounting filters, and it is Not that big nor heavy ,but the Only filters I would mount are UV and Polarizer, and with such an X-treme short focal lenght that would be asking for trouble , looks Interesting tho`...

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