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 Posted: Sun Nov 14th, 2021 11:01

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jk wrote:
I really dont see the need for high speed Z lenses.  The difference between the fastest useful lens is between f4 and f1.8  This is a squeak over two stops.
These Z cameras perform significantly better at 1600 ISO than similar earlier cameras so the only advantage is the shallower DOF obtained. I seldom use my lenses wide open these days so it all seems a bit of a waste getting a 24-70 f2.8 rather than the 24-70 f4 especially as I can use the FTZ adapter and use my fast F series AFS lenses.
I think that Nikon has forgotten that people arent so easily taken in by marketing bull!

The fastest lenses are only necessary when your subject composition and level of lighting demand it.  

Of course traditionally the faster lenses also had build and optical quality maximised, for the price.

I cant help feeling that the quality of many consumer lenses today is sufficient for the majority of our applications.

Have you been drinking Yorkshire tea, Jonathan? Your thrift gland seems to be enlarging. :lol: