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 Posted: Sun Nov 7th, 2021 16:32

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novicius wrote:
What are the books for, or sale on line ?..could you post a photo of those ?
I did actually do two copies of one of the books, so I could give my sister and husband a copy. We have spent many splendid holidays together (or part time together) as they too caravanned in Europe. But they are merely holiday ‘snaps’ for the last 2/3 years in the UK.

We have a collection for the last 10 years. 

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I don’t think the pictures of our holiday books are of any interest to other people…..I only bring the books off the shelf to annoy relatives that have outstayed their welcome 😂

I suppose one of the books might be of interest to others. 

It’s contains photos from a sculpture park in Surrey we have visited a couple of times. All the statues are for sale but with prices running from £3000 upto £120,000 they are a bit too rich for my blood.

My wife did fall for a couple of works but I would have to sell my camera equipment ( which she said I should consider 😳) to fund them.

I will leave anyone who chooses to consider which two they were…………

I do feel that the process of compiling a photo book DOES make you more selective about your photos. With limited space (cost) and the need for  layout harmonisation you do have to pick the best images that fit the layout and capture the sentiment or memory you wish to keep.

Quite often even a small cropped image can deliver a message.

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