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 Posted: Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 02:08

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It’s too late now but on Friday I got news of Bonusprint doing a 50% off photo books special for Halloween (what’s that all about go figure?) 

Anyway I won’t bore you with the contents but I successfully completed two whole books this weekend, driven on by my Yorkshire thrift gland to beat yesterday’s midnight deadline  (yes it is 1am as I am typing and NOW wide awake 👀)

All though it’s been tiring (haven’t worked under that sort of deadline pressure for years) it’s a worthwhile pursuit that I must again commend to you all, rather than leaving your images hiding in a dark hard disk.  

My ‘assistant designer’ did finish the last 10 page layouts in the 2nd book …a) because they were her flowers and b) I fell asleep after dinner and was in danger of not finishing it. 

I have 4 more holiday/general photography books to complete to get up to date and then I will start some genealogy books….but they will have to wait till Christmas when I am SURE there will be a another 50% off holiday special offer.

Finally off to bed.