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 Posted: Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 01:48

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chrisbet wrote:
As a rank amateur, I have no need for anything other than my D610 - I have invested in good lenses to go with it, but for the VAST majority of the images and videos I capture, the smartphone is a much more useful tool - image quality on the latest phones is more than good enough with resolutions up to 108 megapixels.

Video is also much easier as you can see the framing easily on the screen as long as you are not in very bright sunlight.

So the Z series, or Sony, Canon or Fuji alternatives have no interest to me and, I suspect, the vast majority of people who take images for pleasure.

My wife has bought a gimbal head for her iPhone. ( she loves doing videos) There’s no doubt it gives rock steady walking video plus the app has some clever tricks. But I can’t see here running up and down the touch line filming soccer at her age so it’s only going to be valuable if she falls over while filming….it will keep subject lock albeit at a lower angle.

I have to laugh (without her seeing me of course) because she now carries more paraphernalia weight to get the iPhone working optimally than she did with her bridge camera. 🤭🤐

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