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 Posted: Mon Nov 1st, 2021 12:53


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I really want to like the Z9 but I can't because it doesn't deliver the, heavily plugged, advantages of mirrorless. Sure it benefits from the removal of the mirror in vibration terms but, crucially for me, it isn't any lighter than the D4 bodies I already have. An extra 160g per body is significant and, if I use my current lenses, another 100+g for FTZ II adaptors means I would be carrying an extra 500g. The other advantages just don't do anything for me, though I accept that for others they may be make or break.

What annoys me most however is the attitude of some in the photographic press who are so convinced of the advantages that they fail to see why anyone wouldn't want them. A rational approach would compare like for like, something that hasn't been possible until now because professional mirrorless bodies from Canon and Nikon have only recently become available.

Eric's list of user "wants" is an interesting basis for such a comparison, my comments in Blue.

Lighter bodies: Yes something I would like but the available body doesn't deliver.
Quieter shutters: Not really a problem but if it is there then I won't complain.
Wider/faster tracking focus: I haven't encountered a need for better tracking with the lenses I have. May be I should spend a small proportion of price of a Z9 on a longer lens.
Better video performance (viewfinder and focus): I don't do video.
Faster burst rates: I never use continuous shutter release so it doesn't apply.
Real-time image viewing: I am not sure how much of an advantage that is, I have it on my 1J5 but I have managed without for nearly 50 years

So I have to agree with him that for me, and I suspect many another amateur, mirrorless is a distraction.