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 Posted: Mon Nov 1st, 2021 10:11

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jk wrote:
It was the D700.  A D3 but a small form factor.  I expect exactly the same repeat with the Z8 following the Z9.

D6 is more expensive than Z9.  Manufacturing costs are higher but functionality is less.  

I think that a move to Sony now for me is unlikely, same as now that you and Graham have moved all your kit to Sony I dont think that it is sensible or rational to jump back to Nikon.
These are tools not toys or jewelry!

Personally I find mirrorless to be where I want to be. I always thought liveview on the DSLR was a horrible kludge.
Mirrorless v DSLR is like Digital v Film.  Nostalgia clouds rationaity!

Undoubtedly once you move to the ‘right mirrorless camera for your needs’ there is no real incentive to move back to a DSLR. There are few real disadvantages but some useful advantages with mirrorless.

Just on the ‘D3 moment’….

I don’t actually see this as a D3 moment. They haven’t brought out something that wipes the floor with the competition as they did back then. They have merely caught up. 
It remains to be seen how many professional and serious amateurs will be encouraged to make the change from DSLR.

The differences and ‘testing the water’ with mirrorless are likely to be easier to contemplate when the price tag isn’t £6k.

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