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 Posted: Mon Nov 1st, 2021 01:36

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When the D3 came out I recall saying that Nikon had released a model destined for a couple of years in the future to try to capture back the market lost to Canon. It was SO much better than anything they or their competitors had to offer it really did feel like a breath of fresh air.

Ever since that time I have always regarded Nikon with a degree of suspicion. They do seem to hold back in reserve something special until they need to use it. It’s a very reactive as opposed to proactive approach which gives the impression of a company sitting on its creative assets rather than getting them out there and really getting back to leading as opposed to following. They will never get back the top spot with this sort of knee jerk me-too marketing.

That said, would I have gone for a Z9 if I was still equipped with Nikon gear?  No. Because, as a Geoff said, a D4,5,6 would be more than acceptable and a lot cheaper, and no heavier it seems.

I’ve very quickly adjusted to Sony Menus. It’s their terminology/language that takes a bit of getting used to.

Having learnt what the body can do….and interpreted Sony’s terminology …’s merely a matter of sticking the adjustments for those function YOU intend to use, onto My Menu. The fn buttons strewn around the bodies are eminently configurable to give direct access to any of the operations. 

My cameras would require a complete reset for anyone to try to figure out what does what….nothing to do with Sony menus, just my customisation.😉

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