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 Posted: Sun Oct 31st, 2021 12:38

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I agree with what you are saying but unfortunately many people are not very analytical and rely on marketing spin to hook them on a product.
I am very resistant to moving from Nikon to any other make and as such the Fuji kit I have I view as an experiment.  If it works and is positive then I will get rid of the Nikon kit but that will be an 'in extremis' moment. 

I love the Nikon menus and button layout it is more understandable than the Fuji stuff which keeps changing between models.

The lenses in the new S line for Z cameras are really very little different to the old F mount system lenses.  Nikon will try and say there is but the optical performance is very similar between equivalent lenses. 
I am very happy to use the FTZ adapter on my Z camera with the F mount lenses that are AFS.

Ultimately if film suits you better then use film, if F mount cameras are best for you then that is not a debate but some insist that the Z range cameras are a must.  I dont agree that Z cameras is the be all, and end all.  I dont intend to get another Z camera unless it is exactly what I need. 
Since my needs change as they have in the last few years I feel that I constantly need to (re)assess my cameras and my needs to see if what I have is what I need.
I could probably move to the Sony system with little pain except with the menus.  The old Sony menus were almost unusable but the new ones are still poor (IMHO) but the current cameras themselves are pretty much perfect in operation.  Unfortunately I am well invested in two alternative systems.

If you look at the photographers in niches then what you say is borne out.  In the past it was just Canon or Nikon and it was used across all scenarios.  Now Sony and others have levered themself into position.
But Nikon still seem to have a bigger share in news photography but Canon seem to have capture the sport and wildlife niches but Sony have managed to get in there and seem to be capturing a lot of video/stills areas from sport, news and reportage.
The market seems more fluid and less entrenched.

Still learning after all these years!