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 Posted: Sat Oct 30th, 2021 22:12

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jk wrote:
This camera is as big a leap forward as the D2X to the D3 or D3S.
I am sorry but the D4, D5, D6 are inch pebbles up from the D3S, but this is a whole 36" paving slab.

This is not a camera for everyone but it is a significant milestone.
It is streets ahead in technology terms compared to any previous Nikon but so it should be.

Until a real use or hands on is available, I will be in awe, but not to the wallet opening extent I have been in the past.
This camera is not for me even though it is smaller (149 x 150 x 91mm) than my D3S (160 x 157 x 88 mm).

We all need to be aware that personal needs and preferences should rule each person's camera choice not what is new or latest.
As GeoffR says the D4 suits him perfectly.  That is great.
If my D3S had a 33MP or 45MP sensor then I would still be using it in preference to the D800 or D850 but 12MP is not great for the work I was doing when you need to crop.
The Z7(ii) is a different beast and I like it but it isnt as great at AF as the Nikon Z9 or the Sony A1 or the Canon R3/5.

I have been through all the testing that I want to do for Canon v Nikon v Sony v Fuji. 
The Sony menus annoy me.

Have you tried the Sony A1 yet?