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 Posted: Thu Oct 14th, 2021 12:49

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chrisbet wrote:
Not really flowers, but a lovely display nonetheless - an autumn cascade.

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Very impressive intense red colour cascade.
That’s obviously a different creeper to ours (supposedly a Virginia creeper) because ours is struggling to go solid red as yours.
It has some red leaves but it seems to need an overnight frost (which we haven’t had yet) to turn it all at once.  

Ours has grown down the fence backing onto a lane. Annoyingly, despite facing north it prefers to spread along the fence outside, so we have to go outside to see it :whip:

These are screen grabs form the wife’s iPhone video (she puts them in her digital diary/journal)

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It’s even crossed half the back gate. So we have a moving creeper every time we open the gate (much to the amusement of some people)…

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