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 Posted: Sun Oct 10th, 2021 17:31

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jk wrote:
Well I like or even prefer the EVF for some/most shooting but there are instances where the DSLR still wins which is why I havent moved totally to Fuji or Sony.
I really like the specs for the Sony cameras but I really dislike their menus.
I havent tried the A1 or latest A7R series cameras but all the ones I looked at about 5-6years ago the menus were horrible.  Designed by a monkey on crack!

The lenses are very nice but they should be as they have only just finished updating and extending the range.

Regarding future cameras.
I see no reason to upgrade to a Z9 or even a Z7ii.  What will come in Z8?

I am waiting for the Fuji XH2 and will decide whether I move totally to Fuji or just stick with what I have with a mix of Nikon and Fuji.  I actually have all I need in the Fuji and I prefer the XT3 to any camera since the Nikon F3, the D3S is close behind the XT3, really only due to it bulk and weight.

I must go and see if I can get a hands on with an A1.  
Eric, any chance of you coming down this way?  I know Land Rovers need a run out to keep them in good order.  My Discovery did 120k miles before I sold it, and it never missed a beat.

The menu system on the A1 is entirely different to the previous Sony menus. For one thing it’s vertical like most other cameras 😂 
It’s different to the Nikon but now more intuitive to follow …..apart from some of the Sony terminology and the sheer amount of options!!