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chrisbet wrote:
I can't understand the need for EVF - why take light, convert it to electricity and then convert it back to light?

The only advantage, if it is one, is the removal of the mirror and associated noise / vibration / wear. To be honest my 610 is fairly quiet in Q mode.

Just because we CAN do something isn't a reason we NEED to do it. But there is something built into some humans that means they always need the latest whizz bang and manufacturers play on that to make their profits - why otherwise would Nikon have so many cameras and so many lenses?

The NEED is for the manufacturer because the alignment of mirrors, focus sensor and focusing screen is a skilled job and thus costly. A mirrorless camera doesn't need any alignment and thus doesn't require the skilled technician to do it. Since the Z9 is no cheaper than the D6 one must assume an increased profit margin.

Removing the mirror obviously removes the vibration and noise (actually the same thing just different frequencies). I am not sure that wear is as much of an issue as many think, especially in amateur hands.

Many commentators in the photographic press are so absolutely convinced of the superiority of the mirrorless camera over the SLR that they have closed their eyes to the disadvantages, battery life for example. Most of them are younger than I am and thus more disposed to accept the disadvantages in exchange for convenience. They will tell you that being able to see the effects of exposure compensation before shooting is essential, it isn't, anyone who uses or has used film will be experienced in judging the effect without seeing a preview simply because a preview isn't possible. Of course, if you want what the EVF offers you can switch but personally I prefer the freedom to shoot all day without the need to carry spare batteries.

Mirrorless is just another tool in the box, you can still do the job without it but sometimes it might make the job easier.