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 Posted: Thu Sep 23rd, 2021 10:11

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jk wrote:
Looks like he has a V12 not a V6 as his engine Eric.
I dont think that I have every got any of my bird photos that sharp.

Ultimately it’s down to ‘reaching’ the bird with sufficient focal length or close approach, to reduce need for cropping.
Filling the frame is still key to resolving detail ….even with high MP sensors. 

This is especially true in low /dull light where high ISOs are necessary because cropping not only enlarges the subject but also the apparent noise.
Using noise reduction to minimise, just softens the image.

All my best results have come from photos that required no or little cropping and were taken in bright light.

In the early days of digital when noise became intrusive at even modest ISOs, I always joked if an outdoor shot required more than 800iso, it was time to go to the pub.

To a large extent that’s still true today, because despite noise levels now being acceptable upto ISO3000/4000 (some cameras), if the subject has fine detail you need to bring out, then good lighting (along with frame filling, optimum settings and camera stability) is still paramount.

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