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 Posted: Fri Sep 17th, 2021 13:16

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novicius wrote:
Eric wrote:
In all honesty, Jonathan, I expected too much of it.

I was trying to use it for birds in flight and it wasn’t up to it…neither was I.🙄

The Fuji’s X system is the archetypal ‘lightweight mirrorless’ offering. I would still like to use it for general walk around photography.

In contrast, despite comparable quality and the FX offering, the Sony system is much heavier and bulky. 🤭
Perhaps time to reach for that Fabulous Nikon gear again, Big,Heavy and Bulky, yet does the job.:applause:

I think that you need to ask @Richard_M how he is is going with his new Nikon ZFC in his bird photography.

I have stuck with the Fuji system and it is now as complete as my Nikon system.
I actually prefer the Fuji controls, in the most part, to the Nikon system.
There is rumours of the Fuji XH2 coming in November that will be effectively a 40MP Nikon Z7 camera. 
I am still vacillating about the merits of the Nikon Z system and the Fuji.

Still learning after all these years!