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 Posted: Tue Aug 24th, 2021 21:49

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novicius wrote:
Eric , Wonderful photo`s, you have a keen eye and a sense for perspective and the colors just tops it , thank you for the opportunity to see some real nice work.
Thanks, you are very kind. 

We have found making photo books is a good way of encapsulating an event or series of work/activities. we have quite a few! But this thread has reminded me we have been lax of late and need to do some more.

Too often our photos are simply hidden away in some digital archive and thus disconnected from the occasion of their taking…and likely to be forgotten.

Putting them into books and trying to do it in a creative arrangement is a challenge but it forces you to be selective about your images. They may not be the best ones and may even be tight crops, but they simple ‘fit’.