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 Posted: Sun Aug 22nd, 2021 11:32

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In my limited experience the biggest issue is making sure your images are the right colour balance and correctly exposed for digital printing.

In particular, some digital printers doesn’t have the dynamic range of modern cameras and there is a tendency to lose the blacks or oversaturated them which can make the prints contrasty.

Some software interfaces offer their own correction feature where you can switch it on or off. You have the option to review which is best. Of course if you switch it off and the result isn’t ideal, you have less of a come back in getting and foc reprint.

I used Bonusprint (printed in Holland) for many of my books as there was a series of special deals! 

 We were satisfied with the end product and only on a couple of occasions had to get them reprinted mainly due to imposition or print defects. There was no question on reprinting foc.

Not sure if all the people do this but Bonusprint offered an online book for viewing while waiting for the actual book to arrive or to send to friends. Some of mine are still live like this 2016 Cevennes holiday…. (Many shots taken by Jan on her bridge camera)

And here’s my IR book…

Hope you can view them and they are not linked to my computer🤔🤔🤔

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