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 Posted: Sat Aug 14th, 2021 05:25


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I took the Z fc out again this morning. I tried both normal and silent shutter. I didn't notice any anomalies in the imagesĀ using silent shutter, so was happy about that. I took over 500 images on one battery, not sure how much was left in the battery. I was going to keep using it until it went flat, but didn't get that far today. I had a spare in my pocket.

Focusing was fine, particularly when the birds were in bush with dappled lighting.

A few snaps from this morning

#1 Red Wattlebird

#2 Golden Whistler

#3 Purple Swamphen

#4 Spotted Pardalote (Male) outside the nest he was making in the bank

#5 Spotted Pardalote (Female)

#6 Red-browed Finch