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 Posted: Fri Aug 13th, 2021 22:15

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Richard_M wrote:
At this stage, it is a well as.

IMO, Nikon like to make life difficult for their users.

One only needs to look at the user complex functionality of HDR and focus bracketing compared to Fuji and Olympus.

Another issue I've found with the Z bodies, and this could also be due to me not having a setting right in the menu, is when taking photos with the camera inverted (required for many native orchids and fungi including some of the ghost fungi), the image remains inverted in preview (not LV), and computer import.

With the Z50 and Zfc there is no remote available with 1/2 push for focusing, and is not an option which will be supported.

That seems like a real miss to not have a remote that provide the focus 1/2 press.   What is the remote electronic connector look like.  There may be a 3rd party solution.

Still learning after all these years!