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 Posted: Thu Aug 5th, 2021 02:02

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Nikon has announced that they`ve stopped the production of Rifle Scopes, that`s a good chunk of money down the drain , ´cause them were selling well, yet rumours about dwindeling camera sales are persistent,seemingly, Nikon is taking the same route Olympus took thirty years ago, smaller camera and smaller lenses... I hope the recipe works for them , personally, I will stay with my current system, I prefer the Slr over anything else and have a good amount of lenses incl. AF-S ones, but that Z-9 does look NICE !...but I`d rather invest in another lens, 2nd.hand AF-S lenses are dwindling in prices and I am tempted, but I have Demands, them Must have VR, or I wrinkle my nose..:-)

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