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 Posted: Sat Jul 17th, 2021 21:43

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Robert wrote:
Cateye was the make, I think they have ceased but there may still be some kicking about. 

My theory is that the manufacturers don’t want to insinuate that their auto focus is less than perfect by addition of a simple but effective focus aid which gives a single point of focus rather than a zone of focus based on your focus point. 

After all, they have spent a lot of yen? Perfecting their AF system.

Don’t quite understand the inference that accurate ‘point of focus’ is only achievable with a manual focus camera offering split screen focusing aid?

Whilst a split screen was indeed one of the best traditional aids for manually focusing, the latest digital cameras are more than capable of achieving perfect point focus automatically and even manually with on board focusing aids such as ‘focus peaking’.

And after all, unless your subject is planar, there will always be a zone of focus (ie depth of field) for all cameras and lens combinations and settings.

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