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 Posted: Wed Jun 23rd, 2021 20:11

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jk wrote:
This is exactly the test point that we need to use.
There is no point trying to test the AF at a point where we know it will work with other cameras.

We need to find a point/animal/bird where a Nikon will struggle and the Sony sails through.
I know there is a a lot of internet babble about the superior AF performance of the Sony over other cameras.  I am sure that it works better for portrait eye, and animal eye AF focus.
If there is a genuine difference then how much better is it.  The quantification or measurement of this difference is useful.

Well it’s interesting of course, but if you are not in the market for a Sony it’s largely irrelevant. As you have said, this week Sony maybe top dog …next week it could be Canon, Nikon or someone else. Development is a moveable feast with everyone leapfrogging. 

I think it will be hard to compare Nikon and Sony functionality on a given subject when we haven’t got both cameras at our disposal.