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 Posted: Fri Jun 18th, 2021 19:12

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jk wrote:
I think Eric's seagulls are nice and sharp butthey are fairly large birds.  A kingfisher or sandpiper are the best test targets that prove how good the Sony is.
Unless you have a good vantage point, near a place where the bird returns predictably, you will struggle getting any good bif shots of a small bird, no matter what camera you are using. Small birds are, due to their need to avoid predators, unpredictable in flight behaviour. Even approaching garden feeders they take different routes that mean you are hard pressed to see them soon enough to lock onto them in the first instance. 

l start from the stance that Sony seem no worse than the D500 and better than the D850 at tracking bird movement. Focus is quicker with the Sony but it remains to be seen whether with practise and familiarity it has overall superiority.  

Like I said, I need to get to a location with a melee of flying birds, to progress. 

Right now that’s not possible as my car is spending its third week in the dealership garage while they do the ‘warranty sidestep’.  That’s when they change the oil, stroke the bearings and plead with the transfer box to get better, rather than coughing up and replacing the whole unit. 🤬

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