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 Posted: Thu Jun 17th, 2021 22:30

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Iain wrote:
I’m waiting to see some bird in flight pics from you Sony users to see how it handles it.
I am afraid there isn’t a lot of variety in flying birds over the garden it’s mainly gulls…..

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The Sony tracking system is very good and follows the bird all round the screen, holding lock. I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to try other birds but I am not sure I have the right mode on the stabilisation system for chasing a fast bird around the blue yonder because images of fast flying birds (I was chasing Swift’s around 2 days ago and nearly pulled my neck muscles ) havent come out too sharp.
Kites and Buzzards are starting to venture over the garden but I generally only get one chance as they don’t hang about.  
I need to get up the coast to tackle sea birds….but I am not going there while the world and his wife (and kids) are thrashing about in the reserves.  

I also think the 200-600 lens I have is too long and heavy for bif.
Graham has the 100-400 and it’s 2/3 of the size and weight. I may have to treat myself. 

Changing to mirrorless is not without its frustrations. I am however learning to adapt to its idiosyncrasies more and have configured several of the custom buttons around the body and lens to speed up the way I shoot, access menus and review captured images. For example the AE hold button under the right thumb of most cameras I never use …so I have assigned it to playback the last image in the viewfinder. ( I don’t use the rear screen anymore as it wastes power and the viewfinder is so good you get a better, clearer assessment than struggling with the rear screen in sun!

I don’t believe the performance on moving subjects is any worse than the d850 and d500….it’s probably much better, but getting the right settings to optimise quality and performance takes time and I don’t feel I have achieved that yet, merely testing in the garden.