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 Posted: Sat Jun 12th, 2021 12:33


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I think the end of SLR production has been inevitable since the first practical digital cameras. To be sure, on day one the prospect of mirrorless cameras was dim and distant because of the absence of suitable high resolution display screens small enough to fit inside a camera. Over the intervening 20 or so years display technology has advanced and size has reduced. When Apple introduced its first phone with a camera it started the demise of compact camera manufacture, why carry a separate camera when I have a phone in my pocket?

It has taken a long time but the SLR has finally met its match after 85 years. I am not a fan of electronic viewfinders but I hope that there will be a steady trickle of D5 and D6 models on the second hand market to allow me to keep using SLRs for a while yet.