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 Posted: Tue Jun 8th, 2021 13:31

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jk wrote:
I think that this was true with the D3 and other cameras and is the same now.

In truth the Nikon and Fuji mirrorless are similar but the Fuji is APS-C and the Nikon is FF.
I dont see much difference between them.
I have a Fuji GFX50R and I find this better than the Nikon.
oops..... Did I say that.... Fraid so...

I was happy with the Fuji until I started to use it for bird photography. It highlighted its weakness - reponsiveness.

Looking back I should have kept the Fuji for general photography, sold the 400mm lens and teleconverter and looked for a different camera and lens dedicated to bird photography. But my innate resistance to operating two different camera systems perhaps pervaded my thinking to much.:banghead:

The Fuji mirrorless lenses, are truly compact and lightweight compared to everyone else’s efforts.  Combined with their cameras (2/3 weight of competitors) they are everything you would expect from a mirrorless system.

No…I am not going back there.:no: