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 Posted: Mon Jun 7th, 2021 22:04

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Iain wrote:
There not even run in at that Eric.
I am done in, though long before that :lol:

On a serious note….although Sony are much slicker, faster focusing and in many way better than Fuji and Nikon mirrorless cameras (don’t know about Canon) they are still not a match for the immediacy of a DSLR. 

The Sony is as good as the Nikon D850 in terms of speed and reliability of focus. The IQ is excellent although prone to being a bit too contrasty out of the camera for my liking. It’s too easy to over process files. 

There are two points (leaving aside menu relearning) that disappoint with me.

1) Sony mirrorless cameras/lenses are not lightweight (one of the key mirrorless benefits lauded by manufacturers) The Sony A7 iii with 24-105 lens is virtually identical to the Nikon D500 with equivalent zoom lens. So no point in switching to Sony to save weight.

2) Although functionality is slick and commendable ‘when awake’, there is still a noticeable wake up lag and switching on lag …while all the electronics sort themselves out… which although manageable, takes (unnecessary) changes in learned methods to prevent it being an issue.
I am use to switching the camera on, up to the eye, focus and fire in a smooth rapid sequence. Somehow it is more disjointed and as a result slower with mirrorless. They may have speeded up the cameras in use performance but there is still a noticeable delay when getting ready to shoot. 

I see no reason to switch to mirrorless for action photography if the camera and lenses you have are already working for you. Why change unless it’s a necessity?