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 Posted: Mon May 24th, 2021 22:45

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Iain wrote:
The battery life stems from the days working as a press photographer where 2k+ shots in a shift was normal and having a camera that was able to do that without a battery change was great.
The other week while taking pics of two Red Kites displaying my friends Olympus m1 battery went flat, by the time he changed it the Kites had gone.

That’s not good ……but really down to planning.  Like I said, you have to have a positive reason to go mirrorless and long battery life is never going to be top of its benefits. I find I am taking a lot less photos now a I am retired. The Sony A7 has only accumulated a total of 2400 actuations so far and I  am sure I’ve only had 3 cycles of my twin battery charger….so 400/battery including the chimping while learning it’s menus.
It won’t compete with a mirror camera battery but good enough for me.

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