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 Posted: Mon May 24th, 2021 09:37

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Iain wrote:
They look quite good. I’m still not sure, it’s the viewfinder that puts me off and battery life. D4 battery just went flat today, 3127 shots.
Sony seems interesting though.

Why do you need to get 3000shots out of a battery? I have never taken more than 500shots at any one event and always had a spare battery or two that were only were ever needed when I forgot to insert a freshly charge battery before the start of the event.

Whilst we might decry the ‘400 images’ that mirrorless offer, in practical terms I’ve never had to change battery at a critical time …… far.  

That said, there are moments when I say “this is a bit irritating”, “it’s a shame…”, “it would be better if…”.  

The truth is it does take a step change in your thinking and modus operandi to switch to mirrorless.  If you are getting the results with your current equipment…why change?

Your desire/need/benefit to do so has to be clear …..and the equipment good enough to encourage you to persevere.

It may even need an epiphany to change an irritation into an advantage you are more comfortable with, like  ……

After retiring, I raged about teachers from the school opposite parking outside the front of my house all day, rather than use the school carpark. Not having a drive entrance at the front I liked to park my car there, rather than having to get it out of the garage at the rear of the property, every time I needed to just pop out for a few minutes.

It irritated the hell out of me….until we had some daytime burglaries in the street. Several neighbours houses were targeted, we fortunately escaped attention. 

The police said that their empty driveways could have been an indicator of people out at work….where cars outside our house might have made it more questionable.

From then onwards I was happy for people to park there (I even encouraged someone who wanted to park their daughters car for a month) …. while we went out regularly for the day! 👍 

I came to realise my car was safer away for vandalism and damage in the garage anyway… any minor inconvenience was soon managed or forgotten.

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