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 Posted: Fri May 21st, 2021 08:48

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jk wrote:
I guess that that is as good as can be reasonably expected without having human intelligence built into the camera.  Mind you need to be aware that all are not equally gifted!!

I would be interested in how it copes with a kingfisher or a wagtail in their various settings.

I believe Graham will be testing the camera on the Kingfishers in the not too distant future.

Small birds are always going to be challenging in flight. Not just because of their size but because they fly more erratically and don’t tend to fly above the skyline to help the camera differentiate between them and the background. I am not sure that any camera will have the capability to effectively master that without the help of ideal positioning, prior knowledge and fieldcraft of the photographer.

Besides, small birds aren’t as impressive in flight as the bigger ones, so more often are better photographed at rest.

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