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 Posted: Tue May 18th, 2021 16:40

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Iain wrote:
I found it with my bins then looked through the camera, even though I knew where it was it took some finding with the camera. It’s camo is amazing.
I saw one in Alsace hopping up between the grape vines some years ago. I had totally missed it and it didn’t seem bothered about me. Unfortunately I was shooting infra red wide angle and not equipped for bird photography back then.

We had a Hoopoe in the recreational garden across the road from us, yesterday (according to Norfolk Birdline).

I hung my iPad out of the window and played the distinctive Hoopoe call off my bird song app for ages to no avail. Of course one doesn’t know exactly what the recording was ‘saying’. It could have told it to b*gger seems to have done that anyway. 😂