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 Posted: Sat May 1st, 2021 16:28

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chrisbet wrote:
Or - as I now think I understand it - the camera thinks everything it sees should be mid grey and adjusts accordingly which is fine if you want a mid grey image!

That is good.  Correctly understood.  But when you know which zones (Ansel Adams Zone System) each colour falls then it works great for everything.

I have given up with the meter and can't run around a moving horse with an incident light meter so I take best guess and adjust manually until I get the result I want - fixing ISO at a suitable value to minimise noise and juggling aperture and exposure time depending on DOF / blur - thank goodness for digital I can take several images to choose the best from.

Yes but you just need to read once as long as the light doesn't change e.g. goes behind a cloud.

Maybe this is where an EVF scores because you can see the result of settings continuously - at least you can with my Canon XL1S, is that true for the mirrorless cameras?

Yes this is the huge advantage of a mirrorless camera with EVF that shows Exposure Preview (e.g. Nikon, Fuji, Sony, etc) and not just an electronic viewfinder as in many bridge cameras or the TFT back screen.   I needs to show in WYSIWYG mode!

Still learning after all these years!