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 Posted: Thu Apr 8th, 2021 14:54

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chrisbet wrote:
Is finder/monitor set to auto in Camera Settings 2 / Display Auto Review 1?
That setting (which manually selects the LCD, or the Viewfinder or Both) is set to Auto.(Both) 

I have the Auto review switched OFF.... as I don’t need to preview each and every image. I prefer to put the camera in playback periodically to review several images at a time. And then the camera switch to Shooting mode with the eye move to the viewfinder.

Apparently what I am wanting isn’t possible or not programmed in by Sony. Mirrorless users actually see my perceived negative... as a benefit.
They use the viewfinder to review images, in preference to looking at the back screen ...especially in bright light. Having it switch to Shooting mode as soon as the eye is upto the viewfinder would screw this for them.

They may have a point.

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