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 Posted: Tue Apr 6th, 2021 11:53

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Do you have playback enabled automatically for when you take a shot?
I think that is a nightmare so I dont do this but I know people who have this routinely enabled.  It would drive me nuts. 

I think what you are saying is something that is part of the 'way the camera works' with mirrorless.  To get away from that you need a Fuji X100V which had an optical and a EVF so you can choose what you view with.   Playback only works on back TFT and EVF.  The optical is always active for viewing subject.   I prefer to shoot with EVF.  I guess after 10 years using mirrorless it is all habit for me.

It is like somebody with a film camera that is not fitted with a motordrive, wanting to have the film wind on automatically!  When you have the motordrive you learn that if you keep the button pressed then you use your 36exposures very quickly!

Still learning after all these years!