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 Posted: Tue Apr 6th, 2021 10:04

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jk wrote:
There is an 'EVF eye sensor' that switches between TFT screen and EVF so all you need to do is touch the shutter to revert from playback to shooting.
It is the same on Nikon D850 but of course with DSLR there is no playback in viewfinder.

Playback in viewfinder is not something I like except when it is under very sunny/bright conditions.

That’s exactly the point I was making.
If I want to pick up the camera to take a photo after being in playback mode, I HAVE to press the shutter to clear the image in the viewfinder before I can ‘locate’ the new target. 

With a DSLR even with the rear screen alight in playback mode you can see immediately the live action through the viewfinder. Sure you need to touch the shutter to get operational just like the mirrorless but you have that extra time to locate and compose before touching the shutter.

I found this frustrating yesterday practising bif. Birds were flying erratically overhead....I take a shot, check the exposure on the LCD and go to take another shot, but the bird has moved and I need to find it again in the viewfinder... but there’s a frozen picture of the last bird blocking my view. 😡 

I haven’t found it (if it exists) but it would be so much better if the playback cancelled itself when the eye went up to the viewfinder.

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