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 Posted: Mon Apr 5th, 2021 20:51

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Iain wrote:
It depends on what your shooting I found that when using the evf for BIF what I saw in the viewfinder and what I got were ever so slightly different.
I found that true of the Fuji mirrorless cameras I had.
The Sony camera I now have (A7 iii) is much better. It’s focusing system is also a lot faster and more true.  

The A1 that Graham is using, has an EVF that is purportedly better than many top DSLR! Sony have also countered the black flashing between exposures even at 30fps.

The one thing I haven’t gotten used to with mirrorless, is the playback in the viewfinder (not sure if a I can cancel that?). If I pause to preview a captured image on the back screen then suddenly have to lift the camera to the eye to resume shooting, there is an eyeful of that file still in the evf which blanks the view of the next subject... for what seems to be an eternity. I’ve missed several unexpected bif while the evf playback image clears.
I have to try to remember to touch the shutter to clear it while I am lifting to the eye.

It may be there’s a setting I am missing or I need to get used to a new system...but it does jarr a bit.