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 Posted: Mon Apr 5th, 2021 07:47

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novicius wrote:
I would Love the GFX 100...I know a gent in Argentina who is using that camera with the PC-E Nikkors...19...24...45...albeit on full lens opening only ,as it can n`t control the electric aperture, yet,he still achieves good results tho`, .....and that`s another thing with mating modern gear of different makes , namely Incompatibility Issues !!...
Well I have the GFX50R and for the time being I can be satisfied by it.
I wish I could fond a way (hack) that allowed me to directly control the 24mm f3.5 PCe lens aperture as it covers the 44x33 sensor size easily with no vignette visible.  Also considering the Laowa 17mm f4 lens.

Still learning after all these years!