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I have several of those...Minolta...Weston EuroMaster ( the Latest model )..Vivitar 283 LX which is also a Flashmeter and has a 1/10 F-stop sensitivity ( the thing drives me nuts )...Lunasix 3 and a Lunasix F ( also with a FlashMeter )...the Luna`s are the Best ones, simply hold the meter straight-up and read off,and it`s Spot on....and there we touch the root of the problem, as in " How good are those meters" ..?..the Weston Master, which was probably the most famous of them all ( back in the day ),is a Daylight meter, even Twi-Light is to low a level,it`s Invercone does n`t help much to improve on matters, ...within a couple of years I was better in judging the Exposure with my very eyes vs. the Weston,..the Leica M-camera`s had a meter pushed on top of the camera, there are Two models called Leicameter and Leicameter MR, both were made by MetraWat, distinguished by the former having a glassfront having multiple lenses, and altho`being a reflected meter , it should be pointed downwards , about 60 degrees to avoid measuring the sky ,a kind of half Incident/ half Reflected meter...the MR has a Metal front door with a small hole in it . Closed it was for Daylight level and Open was for Low light level..neither of those are worth to write home about,....What I am saying is, the Quality of the Meter itself is More Important then the Method , as the Built-in meter of my Konica AutoReflex T was Way Better than the Weston Master,which when used with Color-Slide would give Disastrous results, whereas the Konica was Correct 9 times out of 10 ,..and yet , even Today , I have the Lunasix F in my bag,..that`s a Good one !!!

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