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 Posted: Sat Mar 27th, 2021 10:56

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chrisbet wrote:
Ah - light bulb moment - so it is the meter in the camera being too damn clever for its own good!

Yes, I use +0.7 in Italy - now I know why rather than fiddling till it looks right!

But am I right in thinking that using spot metering on the part of the scene you want correctly exposed is the right thing to do?

Yes as long as it is mid-grey (Kodak 18% grey card).  That is why some professionals carry a grey card.  
Like you have discovered grass in UK is mid-grey! 
But in sunny Italy and Spain it is lighter in the summer and darker in the winter.  

Or is HDR a better option?

Or shooting in RAW and post processing?

Just starting to get my head round the way the metering works - it was so much simpler in the old days of a box brownie with a fixed shutter speed and a lever for sunny & cloudy!
HDR is a lot of fiddling and you actually need a lot of practice to get it right so it isnt garish or with bright bright highlights and dark grey shadows.

RAW is my preference but if you are good at assessment the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) JPGs are Ok.  It is about your end needs.

No comment on the sunny/cloudy lever.  Was it better that Nikon Matrix metering?  I can remember a lot of duff over/under exposed images in the past!

You can use Sunny16 rule.

Still learning after all these years!