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 Posted: Sat Feb 13th, 2021 18:48

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Eric wrote:
I did look but it’s all white on the other side. ;-)

Theres a couple of buzzard regularly sitting on field posts near the supermarket we visit. Will see if I can get them to turn and face me on Sunday. :thumbs:

Thats all white then! :lol:

You must have a very rural supermarket, or very urban buzzards?  Looking forward to a frontal portrait.

Living in the country I rarely see buzzards, Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places.  I saw a small but rather nice murmuration last week (not of buzzards! LOL).

While at my friend Bob's near Cartmel last week I spotted an unusual bush growing in the thicket of a small, dense woodland which looked completely out of place, Bob called it a pheasant berry bush, he didn't know the botanic name but it's actually Leycesteria formosa, the Himalayan honeysuckle, just growing wild in Cumbria. It attracts birds and deer for the berries.  I intend to photograph it when it flowers.