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 Posted: Sat Jan 23rd, 2021 09:51


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jk wrote:
Looks like you have it cracked Richard.  Lovely images.
So a 200-500 on an APS-C  Fuji XT3 camera so x1.5 straight away to 300-750mm. 
Looks like you have got the AF working well.
I guess you are using one up from smallest AF box and on AFS AF setting?.
XT4 with IBIS will give further flexibility but no better quality.

Pssst, dont tell Eric, he will be sorry he got rid of his XT3 but I am sure he is happy with the D850.

I was having a few issues with focusing. According to the Fringer manual, if you use a smaller focus point the focusing uses contrast detect. Some birds worked fine using the larger focus point, whereas others, the Superb Fairy-wren for instance would not focus. Luckily the bird stayed around long enough for me to change the focus point to the small one and it focused straightaway.