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 Posted: Fri Jun 26th, 2020 15:18

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Eric wrote:
My ‘girlfriend’ and I once had a conversation with a zoo head keeper called Carlos at a UK safari park.....he was previously head of Berlin zoo.
His body was riddled with scars including a gathered skin area across his throat done by a lion that burst through his passenger door window, while he was looking the other way, and dragged him half out of the window before other keepers came to his assistance. Despite this horrid experience he maintained that the big cats, although surely fatal if they get you, were his favourites characters. 

His main ‘hatred’ was reserved for chimpanzees, that were not only unpredictable but vicious and spiteful...just for the sake of it. Half his right calf muscle was missing...a chimp bite.

We had been talking outside a lion cage .....well it was a lion cubs cage. And he had heard Janice saying she would love to cuddle the lion cub. (Her and her mother had 6 cats at home!). After introducing himself and telling us the cubs name....Jasper.... he said “you really want to cuddle a lion? “Yes’ said my feline loving lady.

“Come on then“ Carlos said.......

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She took a shot of me with my hand in Jaspers mouth....but I don’t want to show myself ... with 1970s long BROWN hair. :lol:

Whenever I see this image I always look at the little girl outside the cage...wishing she could have come in.  Although a playful cub, he was incredible powerful. Carlos told us not to turn our back on him this would let him sneak up on us from behind. Jan actually forgot once....and he Got behind her and grabbed her ‘spare tyre’ (it wasn’t that big back in those days 😆) She stood up quickly and his teeth snapped shut. When we got home she revealed a 9” vertical bruise....and he was just play fighting. 8-)

Footnote: You see Graham...I was even using the wrong shutter speed back then. :lol::lol:

Its a good job you went to commercial photography and not wildlife/sport to make a living Eric. :lol: