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 Posted: Fri May 8th, 2020 20:51

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Iain wrote:
One of a very pregnant Roe Deer on my walk yesterday.

N72_7329 by Iain Clyne, on Flickr

Great capture Iain. We have a muntjac that spends the day in the bushes in our front garden. The little b*gger occasionally gets into the back garden ....where it gets chased out PDQ...due to it munching my wife’s price shrubs. 8-) 

The neighbour rang me yesterday to ask if I had heard the ‘squealing‘. Apparently a muntjac (maybe ours) got stuck in the school railings opposite. The head went through (at pace) but the bum didn’t!  They had to bend the railings to free it.  It made me wonder if it was also a pregnant mum.....not realising its new midriff width?