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 Posted: Tue Apr 28th, 2020 15:30

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Robert wrote:
Let's see the movie, please!  What are all the little wormy things?  Do hedgehogs like slugs?  If so we need a hedgehog.
Don’t know how to post video on here....get error message using blue cross. Maybe file size?

They are dried mealworms and hedgehogs LOVE them. In fact we are not supposed to give them too many as they get too obese.  But since I wanted their prolonged attention and we have 5 that come ....I started with a big handful.

I thought slugs were one of the staple diets of hedgehogs?  I’ve seen one fall asleep with a frog (half eaten) in its mouth. They eat anything really. We had a laugh watching a hedge hog trying to tackle a fat ball on the lawn. It was like a dung beetle rolling it around. Didn’t get that on film though. ☹️ 

She had a quick look at the slug but suspect it was checking the slug wasn’t nicking her mealworms...

Of course these are frame grabs from video taken at night (patio lights only) so a bit grainy and soft.  

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