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 Posted: Sun Sep 15th, 2019 11:05

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We are lucky that our garden attracts a lot of dragon flies this time of the year. Ive only ever managed to catch one in flight and nowhere near as good as Iain’s. Mostly they are perched digesting their catch.  

I’ve posted more serious photos (than the one above 😆 ) in the past but don’t want to resurrect them just to pass on the following observation which may help any less experienced photographers/readers out there wanting to have a go.

Dragon flies like an exposed place to digest their catch, often returning to the same perch after grabbing a gnat. We’ve noticed that they particularly like dead branches (ie without leaves) or even freshly cut branches. Don’t think it’s the fact the branches have been cut so much that the area has been cleared of interfering leaves. Well that’s my theory anyway. 😆  We know that if we prune a tree/shrubs in September the dragonflies will favour it.

Here’s a Mr & Mrs Southern Migrant Hawker.... proving the point.

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