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 Posted: Fri Feb 8th, 2019 16:40

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chrisbet wrote:
More good tips, thank you.
I generally use short bursts of continuous rather than single shots - horses move quickly!
Yes, I tend to pan with the horse before and after the bursts.
This one was taken at f4.5 1/640, 100 fl, ISO1600, spot metering and looks much better but in the shade rather than strong light.

Well you seem to be doing the right things and yes that’s a lot better. A nice portraiture image as opposed to action shot.  But for me...not enough depth of field. f8 or even f11 would have got horse head and rider all sharp....assuming you wanted that. As it is, the point of max sharpness is the horses chest.

Edit: looking at it again it may just be the whole image needs sharpening.
There is a softness that MAY be the lens under performing at its max aperture. Stopping down to 8/11 for some shots should prove or disprove if the lens is letting you down a tad.