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 Posted: Fri Feb 8th, 2019 15:33

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chrisbet wrote:
But you may not know who WFP was. I sent him that image and he asked if he could use it on his Christmas card. I said ok. The bugger didn’t even send ME one of the cards.
Lol - meanie!
Yes, I wondered about the effectiveness of the autofocus but as the horse was traveling at right angles to me I thought it would have managed to grab it.
I will try different focal lengths when I am next out in Italy ( that's where I keep my horse) in March.
Don't worry about spending my money, I haven't got any - I own a horse!
. I’ve heard that goes with the territory.

It may just be there was not enough contrast in the centre of the image (black horse) for the focus to be sure.

I would try stopping down to f8, shutter speed of 1/1000 should be good enough (VR doesn’t work well at high shutter speeds anyway) and set it fo AFC continuous focusing....keeping shutter half depressed till you fully depress. Also if you were can take a bit of ‘getting the eye in’. And remember to continue panning AFTER taking the the tendency is to brake our action too soon and in that moment the subject has moved.


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