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 Posted: Fri Feb 8th, 2019 15:10

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chrisbet wrote:
Thanks for the tips - great photos, good to be in the right place at the right time - I am a jump judge & timekeeper and I have seen photographers getting into some "interesting" positions!
The photo  was taken at f4.5, 1/4000sec, ISO 1600, Spot metering & 98 focal length.

Ah ok then you know more about this sport than me. It’s always difficult to judge people’s knowledge and experrise first off.

If those were your setting then Iam surprised your image is as soft as it is. You may want to try shooting at different focal lengths to see if there’s a soft spot. Zoom lenses are a compromise and often are sharper at different parts of the zoom. The 70-300 I mentioned is a very good throughout the range.

Another option is the focusing speed and accuracy of the D90. I am good at spending others money :lol: but later bodies were much faster at locking onto and holding focus on moving subject in AFC mode. Wotrth a thought.

Also ...worth editing your profile to say where you are (at least country) as it may have a bearing on future replies. For example I was going to say the picture ‘Beijing Bound’ was was William Fox Pitt preparing for Olympics. But you may not know who WFP was. I sent him that image and he asked if he could use it on his Christmas card. I said ok. The bugger didn’t even send ME one of the cards. :needsahug:

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